Give Your Dog a Bone (BOOK)

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Written by Dr Ian Billinghurst this book was launched at a three-day Bichon Frise conference in western Sydney on the 17th November 1993. (International delivery charge $AUD17.00)

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There are now numerous Internet sites that deal with feeding our pets raw food. There are groups of people – numbering in the thousands – who discuss the issue daily on the net. My E-mail is constantly jammed with people requesting information and help with feeding their dogs according to BARF principles and by those wanting to buy my books.
The subjects covered include:
  • Modern dog feeding myths
  • The question of cooked or raw foods
  • Your dog’s enemy, commercial dog foods
  • The common problems associated with home produced food
  • Basic nutrition
  • Food combining
  • Bones as dog food
  • Meat as dog food
  • Offal as dog food
  • Vegetables as dog food
  • Fruit as dog food
  • Grains and legumes as dog food
  • Dairy products as dog food
  • Eggs as dog food
  • Table scraps as dog food
  • Useful supplements
  • Feeding puppies
  • Feeding the adult dog
  • How much food to feed
  • Getting a dog started on this new diet
  • Feeding your dog vegetarian style, and;
  • Feeding your dog for a healthy old age.
Give Your Dog a Bone is essential background reading for my second book Grow Your Pups With Bones.